Proudly Serving Our Newcastle Community and Stimulating Economic Regeneration

About Newcastle Development Association

Newcastle Development Association is a community-led organization committed to revitalizing our town and providing assistance to its residents. Welcome to our website!

We accomplish this in various ways, primarily by offering financial support to numerous local entities such as sports clubs, schools, youth clubs, voluntary organizations, and charities. Our goal is to assist them in enhancing facilities and providing better experiences for the local community.

Furthermore, an important objective of the NDA is to address the issue of abandoned or neglected areas in the town. There are notable locations that require redevelopment or renovation, and we are eager to witness the transformation of these sites or a restoration to their former appearance.

The ultimate objective of the Newcastle Development Association is to promote economic revitalization while preserving the architectural heritage and safeguarding the environment within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Who we are

Newcastle Development Association Limited is a not-for-profit register charity which was established in 2003 to enhance the appearance of Newcastle town and redevelop derelict sites.

What we do

The ultimate goal is to encourage economic growth while preserving the historic architecture and safeguarding the environment in the designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Grant Application

The Newcastle Development Association is extending an invitation to Groups and Organizations closely affiliated with Newcastle to submit funding requests. Funding can be sought for both operational expenses and investment purposes.

Our charitable
aims are:


  • The prevention or relief of poverty.
  • The advancement of education.
  • The advancement of community development.
  • The advancement of the arts, culture and sports.
  • The advancement of environmental protection and improvement.
Funding and Grants

Groups and Organizations with strong connections to the town of Newcastle are invited by the NDA to apply for funding…

Funding can be requested for both revenue and capital expenditure. Any project that you apply for funding for must meet our charitable aims. Please click the link below for our ‘Criteria for Financial Assistance’, and ‘How to Apply.